Heritage House Guelph
2113 Gordon Street
Guelph, Ontario N1L IG7
Call us at (519) 822-2006

“This place is fabulous. People are kind and considerate. The food is great! It is a good place to convalesce. I get my exercise here.I have decided to stay longer until my leg heals because I need the extra care before I go home. I want to practice walking and using the stairs with physiotherapy.” – Betty

“This place is better than a vacation place. The people are all fabulous. You couldn’t find a better place.You have the best food here. It’s unbelievable. The food is better than any restaurant food.” – Angelina

I’ve never experienced anything like it before. People bend over backwards to take care of you. The food is great. That’s why I come back as a volunteer. I can only say positive things about Heritage House.– Loretta

“I feel that the move to Heritage House was a move to a safe place for me which has allowed me to grow. This is my home and I tell my friends that come to see me, “Welcome to my home.” I have gained  a lot of weight here because the food is so good. My family says that I must be comfortable because of the way that I look. – Bill

The day my daughter took me to Heritage House, they had my pictures up, my clothes put away and everything put away. I looked all around and I said to myself: “This is my home, and it is my home.” The loving care you receive here from the manager, the nurses and all the staff means a lot. If I lived with my family, I couldn’t get the medical care that I get here. I’m very, very happy. – Mary